What is takoyaki?

Takoyaki is one of the most popular and famous street food in Japan. It originally comes from Osaka city and there you will find a food stand of Takoyaki on every corner of the street.

Takoyaki is made by flour batter with bonito fish bouillon and Kelp (a kind of seaweed) bouillon. We use a special Takoyaki pan to grill the flour batter. The form of the pan makes small balls. In the small Takoyaki balls we put some vegetables (cabbage, spring onion and ginger) and mainly a piece of cooked octopus.

Takoyaki is served on a special wooden plate and poured with delicious teriyaki sauce, Japanese kewpie mayonnaise, Katsuo bushi (fish flakes) and seaweed powder.

Please enjoy this delicacy from Osaka!!